“Fake it till you make it.”

Don’t use the mantra as an excuse to avoid getting help. … More “Fake it till you make it.”


What Do You Notice?

I went to the Career Center exactly twice while I was an undergrad at university. This is in part because I’m a self-starter, but also because I found their advice to be a tad out-dated. Read: unhelpful. The first time I went, it was freshman year. I wanted help putting together a resume for internships … More What Do You Notice?

What It Really Means to be an Outfit Repeater

“Lizzie McGuire, you are an outfit repeater!” This one-liner from the 2003 Lizzie McGuire Movie has haunted me further into adulthood than I care to admit. Which is funny to me because I’ve never considered myself to be even half as fashionably minded as Lizzie. Simply speaking, I’m your jeans and a t-shirt type of … More What It Really Means to be an Outfit Repeater