What I’m Reading


Canceling Student Loan Debt – HelloGiggles

Income Mobility Charts – NYTimes

Hunger and Homelessness Widespread Among College Students – NPR

What A Year Long Clothes Buying Ban Taught Me About the Privilege of Minimalism – Tread Lightly Retire Early


Before Love, Simon: Coming Out and Coming of Age at the Movies – NPR

Black Panther Tells a Thrilling Superhero Story That Hasn’t Been Told – NPR

Timeless Inclusivity – The Mary Sue

Everything You Need to Know About Infinity Stones Before the Next Avengers Movie – NPR


Is It Natural? Consumers and Lawyers Want to Know – NYTimes

9 Ways Millennials Are Changing the Way We Eat – Washington Post

Big Sugar vs. Your Body – NYTimes


Dutch Supermarket Introduces Plastic Free Aisle – NYTimes

How to Cut Down on Unwanted Junk Mail – NYTimes


Bill and Melinda Gates Tackle “Tough Questions” and Trump in Annual Letter – NYTimes

Some Men on Tinder Want Women to Send the First Message – The Washington Post


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