What I’m Reading (17)


Do Parents Make Kids Fat? – The New York Times

5 Reasons Not to Diet in 2018 and What to Do Instead – The Washington Post

More Sleep May Dull Your Sweet Tooth – NPR


Large Shareholders Ask Apple to Help Wean Digital Addicted Youths – NPR

A School’s Way to Fight Phones in Class, Lock ‘Em Up? – NPR


China’s Recyclables Ban – The New York Times

UK Lawmakers Want to Battle Waste With a Latte Levy on Disposable Cups – NPR

I Was Getting Buried In Clutter; Here’s How I Got Free – The Washington Post


Why It Costs So Much to Be Poor in America – The Washington Post

When A Full Time Job Isn’t Enough to Make It – NPR

Advocates Fear Tax Bill Will Worsen US Affordable Housing Shortage – NPR

2020 Census to Ask White People About Their Origins – NPR

Women’s Rights

I Used To Insist I Didn’t Get Angry; Not Anymore – The New York Times

The Female Price of Male Pleasure – The Week


When Dating Felt Like A Job, One Woman Hired a Matchmaker – NPR

Dating Apps Can Help Older Adults Meet Online – NPR


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