2017: A Year in Review

  1. Went to Karaoke for New Years and sang “Beth” by Kiss in front of all my friends. It’s one of my favorite songs and probably one of the few I can sing on key.

  2. Attended the Women’s March on Washington the day after Inauguration.

  3. Traveled to Houston, Texas for my first ever work trip.

  4. Visited a friend in Corpus Christi, Texas.

  5. Organized a ropes course excursion for my birthday. There were zip lines and Tarzan swings too!

  6. Celebrated my best friend’s Bachelorette Weekend in the Hamptons at a spa.

  7. Got to be a bridesmaid in the same friend’s wedding a month later in Long Island, NY. (Bucket List item)

  8. Attended the annual Congressional Baseball Game. The Democrats won in a landslide, but everyone played really well and with a lot of heart.

  9. Went to the wedding of one of my childhood family friends and traveled by propeller plane to get there!

  10. Moved into my first solo apartment.

  11. Traveled to Austin, Texas for another work conference and got to see 2 million bats fly out from under a bridge.

  12. Checked out a Game of Thrones themed pop-up bar. It was cool and the decor was incredible, but maybe not worth two hours in line on a really hot day.

  13. Saw a free production of Othello by the Shakespeare Theatre Company with raffle tickets that I won.

  14. Hosted a housewarming party in my new apartment.

  15. Attended the National Book Festival and got to see Diana Gabaldon and Colm Toibin speak. Toibin even signed my copy of Brooklyn!

  16. Sat in the front row of the VlogBrother’s Turtles All The Way Down book tour with an old friend from my high school study abroad program. John Green also answered my question in front of the entire crowd! (Bucket List item)

  17. Attended a conference about women’s rights called Moving Forward Together put on by my Representative. Participants debated the finer points of the feminist movement and had frank discussions on what we can do to move towards equality in the Age of Trump and beyond.

  18. Let my inner geek shine while dressing up in punk inspired Slytherin house gear at a Harry Potter themed pop up bar.

  19. Went back to my university for Alumni Weekend for the first time since graduation.

  20. Celebrated Diwali and reconnected with a friend from university that I hadn’t seen in at least a year.

  21. Got a promotion and raise on my 1 year anniversary at work.

  22. Dressed up as Wonder Woman, Chihiro (Spirited Away), and Violet Parr (The Incredibles) for three Halloween parties I attended, including one at work.

  23. Prepared a Friendsgiving Brunch for my friends.

  24. Celebrated actual Thanksgiving with my family in Philadelphia, PA.

  25. Submitted an article and was published in an online financial blog, The Financial Diet.

  26. Toured outdoor holiday markets in Philadelphia and Washington  DC with my parents. I bought a piece of photography that I really love.

  27. Celebrated the holiday season with coworkers and neighbors, including a special lunch, tree trimming/menorah lighting, potluck, and Yankee Swap.

  28. Enjoyed countless movies with my new Movie Pass.

  29. Officially broke my reading record by more than 6 books!

I have bad days. Sometimes my mental health isn’t what I’d like it to be or else I get disappointed by life in general and everything looks and feels gray. So I try to find things that cheer me up or ways to put things in perspective.

This list is one of the ways that I remind myself that it’s just a bad day and not a bad life. No matter how I might be feeling at any given  moment, my big picture is bright, beautiful, and full of love.


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