Take Part

It’s easy for me to hide, easy to blend in.

I don’t show my true self via the color of my skin.

If there’s trouble, I can walk past it, pretend it doesn’t apply.

In every conflict I have two choices, a privilege I can’t deny.

It’s tempting to retire, to simply turn around.

When I haven’t found the courage yet, or said anything profound.

But to bring down the barriers, the bastions of hate,

I must not be silent, I must participate.

For it takes many hands of courage, all joined together as one,

Each of us united, every daughter and every son.

Author’s Note: I’m not good at poetry, but as I was trying to articulate some of my feelings post Charlottesville, this is how they came out. Silence appears as indifference and allows room for hate to breed. Get involved, speak out, do your part to leave no room for hatred.


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