My Silence Is Not Ok

After events like Charlottesville it can be hard to find the any words, let alone the right ones.

Because there are no right words. Nothing I could say could help ease the pain and the hurt. Nothing I could say can change what happened or make it in any way easier to process. Nothing I could say is in any way more meaningful or thoughtful than the hundreds of thousands of people already taking part in the discussion. Nothing I could say could change history.

But I have to say something. Because if I don’t then I’m creating a space within my silence for others to continue to espouse hatred and bigotry and anti-Semitism, and xenophobia. My silence helps them to go unchecked; that’s not ok.

There is no purpose for hatred in this world, and I have to do my part to leave no space for it.

*Artwork by Alice Skinner (@whothafuckisalice).


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