If We Were On A Coffee Date (4)

If we were on a coffee date, I’d admit that July is about to be a very busy month. Not only am I moving (in 3 weeks!), but I’m also hosting people for an Independence Day party, attending a five day conference in Austin for work, going to a Pubs and Puppies charity bar crawl, celebrating a family friend’s wedding in The-Literal-Middle-Of-Nowhere Pennsylvania, and starting a new season of kickball. All of which will happen in swampy July humidity, I’m sure because June’s weather has just been too accommodating for that to go on. I’m super excited though and as crazy as it sounds I actually can’t wait to be up to my eyeballs in stuff to do. It makes me happy. I thrive on productivity.

If we were on a coffee date, I’d tell you how I just completed the 52 Book Challenge for the fourth year in a row. And in record time, too! Of course I’m nowhere near finished with my reading for this year, but the 52 Book Challenge is a nice reminder of how I’ve grown as a reader and encourages me to continue making time for books, even when I get wrapped up in something else. Yes, I should probably increase the number of books, but the idea of one a week is appealing to me, even if I usually end up reading more. It’s just an average, something to help set a foundation.

If we were on a coffee date, I’d probably be thinking about my secret crush. I met this guy at the pool in my (soon to be) new apartment building. I snuck in with a friend since her building shares the amenities and he came up to talk to us. He was so my type that I haven’t stopped thinking about him. Which is ridiculous because even though he was nice and gorgeous, I barely know him, he didn’t ask for my number, and he could have just as easily been interested in my friend. But what are crushes if not ridiculous and illogical, right? A girl can dream.

If we were on a coffee date, I’d be carrying a giant list of vocabulary words in my purse. I’ve started studying for the GRE and while I’m confident in my reading and language skills generally, the GRE loves to pick the most obscure and underutilized words in the English language to write the verbal questions. So I’m stuffing about 50 a week into my brain and periodically quizzing myself with the old ones to make sure I haven’t forgotten any. And of course I’m doing all of this just to avoid starting the math section. A consequence of my not having sat in a mathematics class since the eleventh grade, I’m sure.


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