Review: Wonder Woman (Light Spoilers)

I’m just going to say it: I went to see a movie from the DC Entertainment Universe and I loved it. I know, I know. I’m betraying my Marvel roots again. I mean, it’s bad enough that I spend half my TV time watching Supergirl, the Flash, and Arrow, but Readers this movie was incredible.

I literally only have one critique. Right towards the end the writers tossed in a little catchphrase type thing for Diana. They phrased it a few ways, but basically they painted the idea that “love saves the day/world.” I legitimately rolled my eyes both times the words left her mouth. Not only was it something more akin to a stereotype of femininity then something befitting a female superhero, it was also already implied by the storyline and redundant to actually verbalize. This woman is a bad-ass who clearly used her God-given strength and tenacity to defeat Ares. She might have loved Steve, but she didn’t save all of humanity just for him; she did it because she’s a good person. He just reminded her why humanity was worth saving and served as the individual on whom the audience (and Diana) could focus their grief. For some reason we have difficulty processing tragedy when there are too many people affected; we need to single out one person with whom to connect all of our emotions.

I can’t speak to the accuracy of this movie as far as comic lore goes since I haven’t read any myself. I’ve seen a few of the old live action episodes from the 1970s, and that’s the extent of what I know about Wonder Woman. But the origin story played out so well and I felt like the characters were properly portrayed throughout. Even the humor was right. It was a serious movie, but obviously Diana found herself in unfamiliar situations which brought the exact right amount of comic relief to the screen without being overblown. There were also just the right amount of “I’m a woman, but that doesn’t mean I can’t kick your ass” moments to get the point across without forcing it. I do think the movie could have used a bit more diversity in the casting, but I have to admit that 1940s Europe was not the most ethnically diverse place. And the director definitely still gets points for sticking a Native American in the middle of World War II for seemingly no other reason than because she could and he was awesome. So it wasn’t a total loss there, just something to work on for the next movie along with that catchphrase.

I think the positive reviews and record shattering opening weekend can speak for themselves when it comes to Wonder Woman, but if you want my opinion then I’ll tell you honestly that this movie was well worth the $12 movie ticket. And not just because it was a comic book movie starred and directed by women, but simply because it was excellent and a very well made, enjoyable film.

Side note: The theatre also ran a Justice League trailer before the movie and even as it ran I had zero interest in seeing it. Because I’m a Marvel girl who absolutely loathes Batman. But now I’m curious. Gal Gadot was just so good that now I want to see more of her. Even if it means suffering through a mostly Batman orchestrated plot line and a movie that co-stars a trident wielding fish-talker. (Ok, yes, I also dislike Aquaman. Seriously, what is his purpose?) I don’t know yet if I’ll actually pay to see this movie, but I’m at least open to a DVD rental now.

Have you seen Wonder Woman, yet? Are you planning to? Let me know in the comments down below.


One thought on “Review: Wonder Woman (Light Spoilers)

  1. YUS! I’m so, so excited to watch this one when it FINALLY gets released here next week. I’m a DC girl but I have to admit that BvS and Suicide Squad were awful, the latter even made me want to ask for my money back. I sort of gave up on the DCEU, hoping they would find a way to reinvent it or something, and then came Wonder Woman. To me she was the best (and only best) thing about BvS, and that little tune Junkie XL gave her was epic. I’m so excited to see a female superhero shine in her own feature film. About time! Great review – did have to dodge the spoilers here and there, but hey, I like living on the edge haha.
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