A Simpler Life

I’ve been living the big city life since I left for university when I was eighteen. That’s more than six years ago and I absolutely love it. I was unsure at first, but as I grew more confident in myself I became more comfortable with my surroundings; now DC just feels like home. I love all the free events, the variety of restaurants, and the easy transportation. I even love the tourists who clog up the downtown area every weekend from April to October.
But I’ll admit that there’s something a little romantic to me about a more rural lifestyle.
I was traveling for work last week (to a conference in Texas) and as I’m flying west over the Appalachian Mountains I’m suddenly overcome with this desire to climb them. All I can think about is nature and trees and how fun it would be to take a road trip and see all those Fly Over states. Considering how much joy I get from reading a book on my couch, this feeling took me a little by surprise.
But if country music is to be believed, then middle America is all about friendship, family,  and hard work. And those are themes I can get easily get behind. I love the idea of knowing my neighbors and appreciate good people who look out for one another instead of the next big thing. I love the city, but its very easy to forget those things when everyone is so busy being Busy.
Ultimately I’d probably be bored in a rural town. I haven’t lived more than twenty minutes from a downtown metropolitan area in my entire life. Even if I spent most of it in the suburbs, I think just knowing the city was nearby made me feel good. But I still want to give the simple life a try one day.* Who knows, I may really enjoy it.
*Disclaimer: I’ll have to learn to drive a car first.

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