2016: A Year In Review

Things I Did in 2016:

  1. Rang in the new year with my friends in Washington D.C. by playing board games and drinking champagne.
  2. Survived my first big snowstorm as an adult by marathon reading the entire Throne of Glass series.
  3. Attended my first Citizenship Ceremony and watched my friend officially become an American.
  4. Organized a fancy dinner party for my friends so we could make use of our old formal wear from college and drink way too much sangria.
  5. Watched the sunset at the Tidal Basin when the cherry blossoms were in full bloom.
  6. Went to my first Beer Festival and discovered that no matter how many varieties I try, I still can’t make myself like beer.
  7. Celebrated my 24th birthday with a picnic and sports games on the National Mall.
  8. Showed a good friend around the Philadelphia highlights when she came to visit me at my parent’s house for Passover.
  9. Traveled with my family to St. Martin, St. Kitts, St. Lucia, Antigua, Barbados, and Puerto Rico.
  10. Went zip lining and ATV quad biking for the first time. Also got my first 2nd degree burn and a nifty new scar on my leg from the ATV’s exhaust pipe. (It was worth it, but I’d recommend thick pants to anyone considering it.)
  11. Broke my toe by walking into a couch and had to be on crutches for two weeks. (Yes, I’m serious.)
  12. Attended my mother’s Bat-Mitzvah.
  13. Moved out of my apartment of two years and into a house with roommates I’d never met before.
  14. Helped host my Dad’s 60th birthday party.
  15. Played two seasons of kickball and one season of bocce in a social sports league.
  16. Learned to play Flip Cup and realized I was really good at it. Actually almost too good at it because I got officially drunk for the first time while playing a round of Survivor Flip Cup and making it to the final round.
  17. Hiked the Billy Goat Trail at Great Falls National Park in Virginia.
  18. Visited the National Arboretum in the first days of fall.
  19. Explored the National Harbor in Maryland and celebrated my grandmother’s 85th birthday.
  20. Hosted a Halloween party with my housemates and dressed up as the Scarlet Witch, one of my all time favorite comic book characters.
  21. Attended a Cider Festival dressed as Supergirl in disguise.
  22. Started my new job (finally).
  23. Voted in a presidential election in person for the first time (I was abroad in 2012).
  24. Celebrated Thanksgiving with my family without any drama.
  25. Started and ended a relationship with someone.
  26. Read 75* books, including 8 non-fiction books and 4 classics.
  27. Made a few new friends.
  28. Accumulated over 100 new followers on my blog.


*This may actually be more by the time Dec. 31 rolls around.


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