What I’m Reading (15)


Many American Know Nothing About Their Government. Here’s a Bold Way Schools Can Fix That. – The Washington Post

For New York City’s Homeless Children, Getting to School Is The Hard Part – NY Times


Across the Globe, Our Diets Are Making Us Sicker – NPR

The Hot Lunch Dilemma: Would You Quit Your Job on Principal? – The Washington Post

Believe It Or Not, Your Kids Can Teach You Something About Good Eating Habits – The Washington Post


Why the Word ‘Fiance’ is Falling Out of Fashion – NY Times

Love is All Around, And Rom-Coms Are Too – The Washington Post

Why the Rom-Com Bitch Should Evolve Herself into Retirement – Buzzfeed


Wonder Woman is Headed to Supergirl – Birth Movies Death

Rowan Blanchard: The Unlikely Evolution of a Disney Star – NY Times


What I Learned From a Stroke at 26: Make Time to Untangle – NY Times

How To Raise Kinder, Less Entitled Kids – The Washington Post

Don’t Worry, Millennial Underachievers: It’s Always Been Tough to Figure Out Your Life – The Washington Post

Why Doesn’t The US (Finally) Get Rid Of The Penny – NY Times


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