What I’m Reading (14)


The Stunning Geographic Divide In American Creativity – The Washington Post

What Kids Wish Their Teachers Knew – NY Times

No, The Internet Has Not Killed The Printed Book. Most People Still Prefer Them. – NY Times

Meet The Parents Who Won’t Let Their Children Study Literature – The Washington Post

Throne of Glass Series To Air As TV Show On Hulu – Deadline


The Choco Taco: Investigating The Mystery Behind A Classic American Treat – NPR

Makin’ Whoopie: The Ongoing Debate Over the Origin Of The Whoopie Pie – Mental Floss


I’m A Female Bachelor In My 40s. I’m Grateful For That, Not Sad. – The Washington Post

My Friend Breakups Have Taught Me About Love, Loss, And The True Meaning Of Companionship – Bustle


#CartoonsSoWhite? Disney’s ‘Moana’ Points The Way Forward For Actor Diversity In Animated Films – The Washington Post

Why Movies Still Matter – The New Yorker

With Nick Viall, The Bachelor Is Leaning Into Its Diversity Problem – The Washington Post

Allow Mara Wilson To Re-Introduce Herself – Vanity Fair

Rory Might Not End Up With Anyone On Gilmore Girls, And That’s Fine – Vanity Fair


Why The High Cost Of Big-City Living Is Bad For Everyone – The New Yorker


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