What I’m Reading (13)

Olympics Articles:

As Seen At The Olympics, There’s Still A Lot Of Ignorance About Adoption – The Washington Post

How The Olympic Medal Tables Explain The World – NPR

For The Displaced Of Rio, The Olympics Has Nothing To Do With Our Story – The Washington Post

Let’s Discuss Women Olympians In Athletic Terms, Not Feminine Pejoratives – The Washington Post

Who Decides Where Each Country Lives In The Athletes’ Village? – NY Times

What Makes America Great? Team USA Is Showing Us – The Washington Post

Celebrity Chefs Turn Wasted Olympics Food Into Meals For Homeless – NY Times

So You Just Won A Gold Medal? Welcome To The Rest Of Your Life – The Washington Post

The Fourth Type Of Olympic Medal and 5 People Who Have Won It – Mental Floss

They Were Strangers At The Starting Line. Less Than 20 Minutes Later, They Were Eternally Linked – The Washington Post


Reading/Education Articles:

The Best Reason For Reading? Book Lovers Live Longer, Scientists Say – The Washington Post

How Great Science Fiction Works – The Washington Post

The Best Schools In The World Do This. Why Don’t We? – NPR

In Defense of Villainesses – TOR


Miscellaneous Articles:

Leftover Meal Plan Swipes: No Waste Here – NY Times

Water Ice, Philly’s Classic Summer Cooler, Gets Hot Across The Country – NPR

Is It Easier To Date In The US Or Abroad? – The Washington Post

How Millennials Became Spooked By Credit Cards – NY Times



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