What I’m Reading (12)

Articles About the Olympics:

Most Nations Going to the Olympics Won’t Bring Home a Medal. Here’s Why They Compete Anyways – The Washington Post

Team USA is Populated by Some Olympic Veterans – And a Lot of Fresh Faces – The Washington Post

Stop Picking Different Cities to Host the Olympic Games – The Washington Post

The Refugee Olympians in Rio – The New Yorker

Ahead of Olympics, LEGO Recreates Rio de Janeiro With Over 900,000 Bricks – Mental Floss

A Swimmer Goes From Syria to Rio, From Refugee to Olympian – NY Times

Articles About Women:

How Bachelor Contestants Pack for the Show – Refinery29

Five-Term Rep. Yvette Clarke Still Gets Asked For Her ID Entering the U.S. Capitol – The Washington Post

President Barack Obama Says “This is What a Feminist Looks Like” – Glamour


Why Everyone Is Miserable On Tinder – Washington Post

Words With Friends Launches Education App for Classrooms – Mental Floss

11 Fact About Philadelphia’s City Hall – Mental Floss

Why Calls For A National Conversation Are Futile – NY Times

Why does Reading in the Car Make You Feel Queasy? – Mental Floss


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