What I’m Reading (11)

Part-Time Jobs and Thrift: How Unpaid Interns in D.C. Get By – NY Times

Six Maps That Will Make You Rethink the World – Washington Post

What Is It Like to Like – The New Yorker

Marvel Introduces a Black, Female Iron Man – EW

Why High School Students Need More Than College Prep – NPR

Why Does the Beauty Industry Ignore Curvy Models? – NY Times

You’re Taking That With You, Right? – NY Times

The Agony of the Digital Tease – NY Times

Celebrities Are Our New First Responders – Washington Post

Headphones Everywhere – The New Yorker

Barbie’s Got a New Body – and Now Mattel is Tackling Her Other Big Image Problem – Washington Post

That First Paycheck is an Exciting Moment…And a Teachable One – NPR

Islands that Separate Education Haves From Have Nots – NPR

Joss Whedon Would Return To Marvel for Black Widow Solo Film – Comicbook.com

Cosplayers Use Their Costumes to Unleash Their Superpowers – NPR

The Incalculable Value of Finding a Job You Love – NY Times

New Zipline Let’s Daredevil Tourists Soar Over Niagara Falls – Mental Floss

The Story of Disney’s Abandoned American History Theme Park – Mental Floss

Does Reading Fiction Make You a Better Person? – The Washington Post

The Phrase You Rarely Hear On a Tinder Date – The Washington Post


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