Beware the Friend Who Knows Everything

We all have that one friend who, for some reason, knows everything about everyone. They’re outgoing and social and, most of all, they like to be in the know. Whether it’s the latest Kardashian update or some piece of drama from your friend group, this friend is the first to know about it…but never the actual source.

You go to this friend in moments of weakness. You go when you need someone to vent to because, in truth, they make you feel comfortable enough to confide in them. You go when you’re in a fight with someone else and you want to fish for information about the other side (because you know they probably reached out to confide in her, too). You go when you need perspective from someone who’s collected many stories of life experiences, when you need advice from someone who professes to be impartial.

But this friend isn’t perfect and in the back of your mind you can never quite forget this. Even as you’re spilling your guts to them, you wonder if your words will really be kept in confidence.

The more they know, the more slips back out into the world. By accident or design, you’re never sure. Are they stirring the pot on purpose, telling you the exact right things to make you uncomfortable or mad? Or are they sharing for the sake of honesty and “your own good?” You suspect a bit of both; they mean well, but find small joy in holding this power over others. You can’t prove it either way.

So every time you talk with them, you think of cutting them off. It’s an unhealthy relationship and  you know it. But this kind of friendship must be pulled out at the root and you’ve never quite dug down deep enough. And every moment of weakness puts you at risk.


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