What I’m Reading (8)

The Environmental Cost of Growing Food – NPR

Can Oregano Fight Cow Beltches – And Climate Change – NPR

As Big Candy Ditches GMOs, Sugar Beet Farmers Hit A Sour Patch – NPR

They’re the Invisible Ones: Refugees Who Aren’t Officially Refugees – NPR

How to Teach Children That Failure is the Secret to Success – NPR

What Young Men of Color Can Teach Us About the Achievement Gap – NPR

Job Growth Might be Slowing Overall – But it’s Surging for New College Grads – NPR

Army Issues Statement on if Captain America is Entitled to Millions in Back Pay – ComicBook.com

Why is Marvel Still Promising a Black Widow Movie Instead of Making One – Vanity Fair

Supergirl Renewed and Moving to The CW – Entertainment Weekly

High Maintenance: Down With High Heels – The New Yorker

It’s a Tough Job Market for the Young Without College Degrees – NY Times

Where the Middle Class is Shrinking – NY Times

More Than 1,200 New Planets Discovered Through NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope – The Guardian

The Social Lives of Rich People, Explained – Washington Post

Hollywood’s Lack of Female Directors is Under Investigation, ACLU Says – Buzzfeed News


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