What I’m Reading (7)


When Parents Have a Favorite Child – NY Times

Upbeat Interracial Ad for Old Navy Leads to Backlash. Twice. – NY Times

To Help Students Learn, Engage the Emotions – NY Times

Resettling the First American “Climate Refugees” – NY Times

I Coached the West Point Debate Team That Lost to Prison Students. What We Learned Was Invaluable. – Washington Post

Why Do American Elections Last So Long? – Washington Post

The Slow Death of the Most British Thing There Is – Washington Post

D.C. Wants to Become the 51st State. And Here’s How it Plans On Going About it. – NPR

What’s For Dinner? The Options For a Fast Answer Multiply – NPR

Report: Supergirl Might Move to the CW – Comicbook.com

Marvel Television: Agent Carter Face Extinction, Most Wanted Could Follow – GeekyNews

Why Olivia Munn Chose X-Men’s Psylocke Over Deadpool – EW


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