My Bad Book Habits

Losing bookmarks. I have a few I’ve somehow managed to hold onto over the years, but I usually end up using a Post-It flag since I know they’ll stick instead of falling out somewhere in my bag. I love bookmarks though and I wish they functioned better.

Ignoring the classics. I try to get through at least two a year, but they’re just a lot more dense to read and my brain already gets drained at work. Still, I’m trying.

Checking out the shop placement of my favorite books. These days target age groups for books are a little bit fluid, so I always seem to find the same books shelved in multiple locations. Recently I found Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One shelved in the adult fiction section with one cover design and then shelved again in the young adult section with a newer, more youth oriented cover. I’ve seen the same for Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn series and a few others.

Unread Owned Books. Most book lovers are guilty of this. We love so many books, but are also constantly distracted by new ones. So we buy/borrow them faster than we can read them. I’ve been working on getting my TBR pile down, but even I have half a year’s worth of books (most of them firsts in series) still sitting on my shelves collecting dust.

Holding onto books I won’t read again. I’m a perpetual re-reader. Even if it’s just a chapter or a few lines, I inevitably find myself pulling old favorites off the shelf for a quick browse. But even I know there are a few books that I won’t go back to again, so I need to be better about making those donation runs or giving them away to friends. If for no other reason than because shelf space is an issue.

Getting over-excited at the library. Something about the concept of free books just makes me want to take them all home, even if they’re just on loan. So every time I go to the library I leave with at least four or five books. But I read about 4-5 books a month on average and my library’s loan policy is only 3 weeks at a time. I shouldn’t be so ambitious with my checkouts when I know I can’t finish them all in time! Someone else may want to read them while they sit idle on my bedside table.

Putting books down. I can probably count on two hands the number of books that I haven’t finished, but if something is boring me I will put it down in favor of something else. Most people would probably just walk away from that book all together – why finish something if you don’t like it? – but I like to give all books the benefit of the doubt that they’ll gets better in the end. It’s not always true, but nonetheless how could I be sure? Still, putting a book down for any length of time, makes it really hard to motivate myself to return to reading it.


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