Snowzilla 2016: A Reading Binge

Sometimes I feel like I could just subsist on words.

I’ve been cooped up inside, sheltering from Snowzilla 2016 these last few days, and so far all I’ve done is read. I’ve come up occasionally for air and food and bathroom breaks, but even those haven’t been all that frequent. I’ve just been devouring words like a starved creature hoarding resources for the winter, gorging on fictional worlds and adventures.

Most people get stir crazy. If not on the first day, then likely sometime on the second. I’m on my fourth day now and I have absolutely no desire to leave my house. Because in a lot of ways I feel like I already have.

I’ve been rereading and catching up on the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas as part of my project to whittle down my Unread Owned books pile. It was a great choice to make for this extra long weekend. The story takes place in a fantasy world with royal courts, magic, Fae, knights, and assassins. It’s a deadly plot with complex characters and amazingly fluid writing. I don’t need any more adventure than one I’m being led around by Caelena, the main protagonist. Thus far she’s found enough trouble to entertain me for days and I still haven’t read through the last available installment of the series.

Some people prefer a Netflix binge on snow days, but watching TV numbs the mind and passes time in one hour segments. Books, especially series, can draw you deeper and deeper into a story over hundreds of pages. How could you get stir crazy if your day just disappears around you, hour by hour lost to the adventure, heedless of a clock? So I much prefer to read books.

For those of you on the East Coast of the US: what have you done to pass the time during Snowzilla? Let me know in the comments down below!


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