New Year, New Things To Do

Things I Did In 2015:

  1. Got a puppy and watched her grow month by month into the most adorable little doggie on the planet. Yes, I said planet.
  2. Surprised my mom by coming home for her birthday, made her a cake, and hugged her while she cried happy tears.
  3. Went to my first concert ever to see Rachel Platten, Paradise Fears, and Andy Grammer in a small, general admission theatre so I could stand right up front.
  4. Turned 23 on one of the peak bloom days for the cherry blossoms and got to see them for the first time even though I’ve lived in this town for five years.
  5. Went to the first wedding for one of my college friends. Celebrated the engagement of another.
  6. Toured the baseball stadium and got to see inside all the dugouts. I even secretly touched the grass when the signs told me not to.
  7. Went rock climbing and learned proper belay techniques.
  8. Celebrated the first hot day of the year by going to the Earth Day concert on the National Mall.
  9. Enjoyed lawn seats at another concert for Matt Nathanson, Train, and The Fray.
  10. Went to the Fourth of July fireworks in my hometown with my best friend and senior year roommate.
  11. Went to several outdoor movies over the summer months including Anchorman, The Lego Movie, When Harry Met Sally, Back to the Future, North by Northwest, and Empire Records. Met several really cool people and had awesome picnics in the process.
  12. Vacationed on the coast of Maine for a week and tried kayaking with my dad for the first time while I was there.
  13. Went to the National Zoo (for once not in the middle of winter or for a class assignment) and learned about sea lions.
  14. Carved pumpkins with my friends before dressing up as Rogue for Halloween weekend.
  15. Celebrated a proper Thanksgiving with my family.
  16. Went to my first corporate holiday party with a friend.
  17. Experienced my first bar crawl.
  18. Toured the National Building museum with my dad.
  19. Read 74 books
  20. Watched an incalculable number of movies in theatres and on DVD.
  21. Finished a handful of amazing TV shows and discovered some new ones.
  22. Worked on my blog and accumulated over 200 followers.
  23. Tried a couple of new recipes in my efforts to feed myself like an adult.
  24. Became so much a regular at weekly trivia that the waiter knows my drink order.
  25. Went on a couple of dates.
  26. Made a few new friends.

So yeah, it’s actually been a great year for me. There were some definite low points, but when I look back I get to remember all these really fun moments, too and that’s what is most important.

I’ve decided not to make any official resolutions for 2016. I have a life-long Bucket List and it’s important to me that I focus on that in a more general sense instead of a shorter list of more arbitrary things that maybe don’t show the full picture of what gets done in a year.

However, if I was to pick something I’d probably say that I want to start listening to my friends more. I’m a pretty independent person and I do a lot of things on my own, but there are some things I’ll be the first to admit that I’m clueless about. My friends are wonderful though and they are loaded with advice. I shouldn’t be so afraid to take it. So this year I really want to pay more attention to what they have to say. Just in the last three days I’ve already reaped the benefits of that advice and I’m sure there’s much more to come if I’m smart enough to listen.


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