December is the month of decisions. It’s the month we use to reflect on our past year and make choices about the one to follow. We set goals and resolutions, vowing to change and better ourselves in the vague sense of a “future” ushered in at midnight on January 1st.

I know that I put stuff off all the time. I wait until the start of a new week, month, or even New Year’s to make progress. I wait for “the right moment” or “until I’m ready” and sometimes I feel like I keep myself on pause in the meantime. Tomorrow I’ll start so today I can just drift, but that isn’t what’s best for me. I can’t walk about my days drifting through them all “until.” My life is now and I’m missing it in a fog.

I am genuinely waiting for something, something I can’t push or change no matter how much I might want to. But there are all these other things happening besides that one thing – my life does not revolve around it. So what else am I waiting for?

I want to take art classes so I can learn to draw. I want to learn how to make my own bread and get back into yoga. I want to study for the GRE exams and finish my novella. I want to learn new words in American Sign Language and read more of my unread books.

So why am I still sitting on the couch watching TV? Why haven’t I registered for an art course yet or broken in my new gym clothes that I bought weeks ago on Black Friday? Why am I allowing myself to be on pause when life is passing me by?

December is the month of decisions. But I don’t have to wait until January to start taking action.


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