Writing to Music

Most of the time I like my working environment to be as quiet as possible. I can handle a certain amount of office or coffee shop level distraction or general noise, but any kind of conversation or music kills my writing buzz instantaneously. I get sucked into the song lyrics or personal drama and can’t get back on track until it’s over.

But every habit has its exception and for me that’s my journaling time. When I’m writing about my day or reflecting on a private experience, music helps me set the right tone. I think that’s because each song is branded with its own emotions, that the lyrics and melody were crafted in a particular state of mind. So when I find one that matches my own, it actually helps rather than hinders me.

I don’t always journal to music, but when I do I usually write down a few lyrics or the name of the song that inspired my words that day. Here are a few songs from my journal soundtrack:

Time of Your Life – Green Day

Battle Scars – Paradise Fears

Iris – Goo Goo Dolls

You Found Me – The Fray

The Giving Tree – Plain White T’s

Story of My Life – One Direction

How Six Songs Collide – Norwegian Recycling

Who We Are – Paradise Fears

Until the End – Breaking Benjamin

Everything Will Be Alright – Joshua Radin

Your Guardian Angel – Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Run – Matt Nathanson

Broken – Lifehouse

Always Be – Jimmy Eat World

I know, it’s a weird assortment of artists. But the emotions they sing about are strong and I love being able to find inspiration in that. It means a lot to me that a song can convey in just three minutes the same emotions that I sometimes require hours, days, or even weeks to articulate. Because it’s not just the lyrics; it’s the melody and the artist’s heart, too that make it special. Its how they sing it, how they mean it, and in a good recording you can feel where the song came from.

So what songs get your emotions going? Let me know in the comments down below. I’m always looking for new recommendations.


One thought on “Writing to Music

  1. How Six Songs Collide will always remind me of TRY. It’s interesting of certain songs become branded by the experience and emotions I was in when I heard them the most/for the first time.

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