Bonus Post: How Screwed Are You?

Normally I’m not into these blog-chain type things, but I happen to have really great answers to this question. So I’m tossing this out as a bonus post. Enjoy!


Protagonist #1: Elliot from Mr. Robot

Elliot may lack social skills, but no one ever said the kid wasn’t smart. I’m pretty sure he’d figure out a way to build himself a fortress out of hacked government technology or at the very least divert all available resources to himself. So long as he’s clean, he’ll make it.

Protagonist #2: Waxillium from Alloy of Law by Brandon Sanderson

Wax (and Wade) are law enforcement with allomancy skills so they know how to handle an impossible threat. If they can take down Miles Hundredlives, I’m pretty sure they can handle a little zombie apocolypse.

Protagonist #3: Scott McCall from Teen Wolf

Scott may not be the sharpest tool in the box, but he’s a true alpha. That means he’d do anything to protect his pack. He also knows how to ask for help when he’s out of his depth and I admire that in a character. He may not be the strongest member of my zombie fighting force, but he’s definitely the most determined.

So basically, on the scale of Brain Food to Survivor, I’m pretty sure I’m actually going to make it out of this thing alive.


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