Art Shopping and the Abyss of Visual Coasters

I’ve been trying to buy art for my apartment recently. I’ve got this one wall in my living room that is noticeably empty and the standard white paint is really driving me mad. But no matter where I look I can’t seem to find the right piece to hang there. Sure, there’s plenty of things I like and tons of well made art out there in the world, but nothing that speaks to me. And I am a firm believer that art without something to say is a waste.

In a way, I consider myself an artist. Instead of paints or clay, I shape ideas out of words and that gets across what I’m feeling the same as any paintbrush. Its why I can find connections so easily in books, why I can form these emotional attachments with characters over the smallest of things. Because I can see the strings of how they were threaded together, I can feel myself to be a part of them.

I want the art on my walls to speak to me the same way. I want that same lingering feeling of rightness, that same inspirational perfection that takes chapters upon chapters of world-building to get right, and I want it on a canvas that I can stare at from my couch. But if it exists, I haven’t found it yet.

I’ve found beautiful landscapes made with water colors and palette knives. I’ve seen pop art and maps in every style imaginable. They’re gorgeous and well crafted, but looking at these pictures is the visual equivalent of reading a coffee table book and I’m not looking for a $300 coaster. I want something that’s going to make me look twice, that won’t just blend into the room’s aesthetic.

But as it turns out, that kind of art is exceedingly hard to come by. So if you have any leads on where I can find some, leave me a comment down below.


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