My First Read-a-thon: July 18th & 19th

I’ve talked about binge reading before on this blog, the marathon reading sessions that I get sucked into from time to time. Always I’ll start a book slowly, intending to draw it out, but about halfway through I get sucked in, caught in the riptide of plot and words until I have no choice but to finish it. And when the last page is turned my mind buzzes with the euphoric post-reading high, at peace in the remembered world of the book.

One thing I’ve never tried is a Read-a-thon. I’ve binge read single books at a time, even powered through massive tomes like A Song of Ice and Fire installments in one sitting, but I’ve never intentionally tried to read multiple books in a row. What I like about bingeing is that it lets me wallow in a particular fictional world for a while. If I were to immediately switch to something else, even a book in the same series, would I still reap the benefits of that experience?

I’ve always wanted to try a Read-a-thon, always admired people’s dedication to a TBR decreasing task and the challenge of weeding out other distractions for however long the marathon lasts. But I’ve also never wanted to force myself to do something that I wasn’t ready for. I never feel obligated to read classics when it’s chick-lit I crave, never take recommendations for books that don’t sound appealing to me.

But I think if I set myself to the task for just one weekend I could accomplish a lot. I can see myself gaining ground against the rising tide of unread books, purging my shelves of things I’ve been meaning to read since I first purchased them. The trick, I think, will be to err away from the more challenging literature, to focus in on a constant state of progress rather than one of dense material so that I don’t lose my motivation.

I have a lot of things planned this month. I’ve got family coming into town for a visit, a trip to New York City to plan, and a charity trivia event that I’m very excited for. There are also several movies out in theatres that I’ve been meaning to see and a fair bit of recorded TV clogging up my DVR. But the busier I am, the more I seem to get done in my remaining spare time. The more I have on my plate, the better able I am to allocate any leftover space.

So next weekend, July 18th & 19th, I shall be participating in my own Read-a-thon. I will not create a TBR list or force myself to read into all hours of the night. I will not confine myself to the indoors if the weather is lovely. But I will spend most of the weekend whittling down my TBR pile and I’m excited to see how far I get.

Will you join me?


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