The Polarization Effect of Post Grad Perspectives

When I graduated from university my biggest concern was figuring out what my daily life would look like. All I could envision was this vast expanse of time and I didn’t know how to break it up into smaller chunks if not in grades or semesters. It also didn’t help that every friend who’d graduated before me had either gone immediately into more schooling or seemingly failed the “adulthood test” by moving in with mom and dad, again. So I left school with no clear idea of what to expect.

As you might imagine, I turned to the Internet for answers. I’m an analytical thinker of sorts, so I like to read things written by other people and to get a handful of different perspectives and opinions on any one subject. Life after college was bound to have a multitude of opinions, thousands of stories and articles for me to peruse.

What I realize now is that the Internet is both a blessing and a curse. It gives you access to information and lets you see opinions from everywhere, but most of what’s available is content from polarized perspectives. Most people don’t write about the “normal” feelings; just the strong ones on either end. I read success stories from young CEOs with advice about careers. I read articles from unemployed bloggers trying to put their lives together. But I didn’t fit either of those categories.

I’m not 100% in love with my life the way that it is. There are certainly things that I would change about it given the opportunity. But I’m not upset with my life either. I have a job. I have friends. I have my family. I have activities and hobbies that I like. I have goals. I can look past the few less than desirable parts of my life to enjoy those things if I want to and it kills me that a year ago I didn’t feel like I could.

The Internet had lots of examples, but none that were good for me. It made me feel like I had to fit into a preconceived box of “Post Grad” and the truth is that I don’t. I don’t  have to keep putting myself down for not having the perfect life and I don’t have to keep reaching so hard for it either. I can just enjoy the happy medium that I already have.

A friend of mine is going through a really tough time right now. She just finished university a few weeks ago and I know she’s feeling a little lost. This article is the advice that I would give to her if I could. But I think part of the reason that I feel the way that I do about post grad now is because I went through it. I mean, it wasn’t an enjoyable mental journey, but would I really have the same understanding and perspective if I hadn’t experienced it firsthand? Sometimes we just have to come to things in our own time and in our own ways. I was one of those people and I think my friend is, too.

But if this article helps even one person respect the happy medium, than I guess I’ve done my job.


2 thoughts on “The Polarization Effect of Post Grad Perspectives

  1. Thanks for the advise! The only thing keeping me from freaking out about post-grad life now is knowing I will be at camp all summer doing arts & crafts all day everyday. But come the end of August I’m moving to Chicago to move in with my parents and really hoping I find a job. Reading essays like yours help me to remember that uncertainty and middle ground is ok.


  2. You’re moving to Chicago! That’s amazing! I wish you the best of luck there. I hear its a fun city.

    Just remember that you’re in charge of your own life and your own feelings. Accept your feelings for what they are and try to enjoy life without the pressure to perfect it. If you’re happy with it, then that’s the only thing that matters. 🙂


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