Building My Future One TV Stand At A Time

I’ve lived in my apartment for ten months now. In those ten months, I’ve nailed a few pictures up on the wall, unpacked my entire library of 300+ books, and gotten a lease renewal form slipped under my door. But when you’re just out of college hammy down furniture is more common than not. So for the last ten months my bookshelves haven’t matched the couch that my roommate inherited from her aunt’s cousin’s friend and our dining room table has left much to be desired.

However, this weekend my roommate and I decided to renew our lease. We celebrated by investing in some real furniture.

We’ve had a hammy down TV stand from her grandparents’ house and two beach-themed end tables holding up our flat screen for the last ten months, but now we have a shiny new media center with way more storage space that we both love. Our first real apartment purchase!

IMAG1012It took us both about two hours to put it together, mostly because we were being overcautious with the directions, but every minute was worth the effort because it turned out great.

Putting this TV stand together was a resounding success in my book. Not only do we now have a sophisticated media center, but we also have a physical reminder of putting down roots here. This TV stand is a hardwood promise to stay in one place, to make this city and this apartment our home. And it feels good. We’ve moved every year for the last four years, hopping around from one dorm to another, but now this place is ours for as long as we want it. I might have my qualms about growing up sometimes, but staying in this apartment is not one of them. I genuinely feel at home here even if the rent is a bit pricy.

We still have a little ways to go in sprucing the place up. I’d love to put some art up on the walls and find better lighting for the living room since the lamp is a dorm-style leftover. But I’m so excited by the progress we’ve made thus far and I look forward to more interior decorating in the next few months.


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