I’m the worst when it comes to email subject lines. I can never think of a good descriptor for general life updates. But I’m also extremely hesitant to leave a subject line blank lest the message go to spam and my friends miss out on the excitement of my life. So a few weeks ago I started alliterating my subject lines with the days of the week. For lack of any better ideas, obviously.

“Totally Tuesday” was the first, “Thoroughly Thursday” the second, and a traditional “Manic Monday” the third. Then today I stumbled across the most perfect adjective of all adjectives when googling alliterative suggestions.

Tragicomical: an incident, or series of incidents, of mixed tragic and comic character.

It is now my favorite word. I don’t even know if I had a favorite word before, but if I did, this linguistic perfection has now supplanted it, stolen away its badge of honor, and crowned itself king.

Because what better word is there to describe my crazy, dysfunctional, and hilariously fun life, right? Tragicomical is literally the definition of my circumstances; it’s perfect.

In celebration of this discovery, I intend to overuse the word and thereby spread the knowledge of its existence amongst my peers. It’s so accurately describes the post-grad, twenty-something life and I would hate for anyone else to miss out on an opportunity for such exacting language. I mean, even its almost fake sounding jointure of two common words reassures me of its relationship to my generation. The world must know of it. Immediately.


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