Unfinished Business: “Nightmare”

I looked around and saw nothing. There was no sky above me, no earth beneath my feet, and no trees or buildings nearby. Shades of white pressed in on me from all sides, threatening to absorb the remnants of my being, as a deafening silence distorted my thoughts until they ran together in loosely fused snippets of unrelated ideas. I felt it as a constant hum in the background, a gentle buzzing that refused quit no matter how hard I tried to tune it out.

I moved a ways in either direction, trying to find something to keep my memories intact, but no amount of distance could keep the pieces from splintering. My heart began to beat more rapidly and my breathing became increasingly erratic as I internalized the hopelessness of my situation. There was no escape from this type of mental confinement and no way to resist loosing myself within it. Warm memories of my mother’s home-cooked meals, the obnoxious too-loud laughter of my best friend, and the gentle strumming of my father’s acoustic guitar were all scrambled together in a motley of senses.

I fell to my knees gasping helplessly for air and braced my hands against the cold ground for support, but it was as unyielding as marble and burned my fingertips. Then my arms gave out too and I finally collapsed in a heap of limbs too heavy to support, my strength having all but left me. I no longer felt as if I was connected to my own body, but rather more like a specter hovering somehow above it and looking downward. My lips were chapped and my skin had paled so that it began to blend into my surroundings. In so short a time, I was becoming a part of this empty whitewashed world, just another indiscernible feature to be consumed.


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