Fitness: Hobby or Lifestyle?

Let’s talk about hobbies for a minute. The all-knowing Webster’s dictionary defines a hobby as “an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure” or, alternatively, as, “a small horse or pony.” Assuming the former definition to be the one of consequence, I now ask you:

Is physical fitness a hobby or a lifestyle?

You can list anything you want on your Tinder profile from Instagram usernames to your previous known address. It’s a blank space to put quotes, favorite sports teams, previous hometowns, or whatever else comes to mind. Still, despite the freedom of profile, I must admit that describing “fitness” as a hobby is a bit of a pet-peeve.

Confused? Let me explain.

I have absolutely no issue with someone who is physically fit or someone who spends a portion of their headspace dedicated to pursuing a healthy physique. Being in shape and treating your body like a temple is a great thing. Everyone should really be more conscious of it. No, my issues are rather a matter of improper grammar. Because obviously I’m me and these are things that I think about.

I take issue with the improper classification of “fitness” as something one does for leisure. Why? A particular exercise or type of working out (lifting for example) could reasonably be considered a hobby, but “fitness” is actually a condition or state of being. Therefore achieving or pursuing “fitness” cannot be anything other than a lifestyle by definition. It’s not a hobby.

Tell me you like lifting weights or practicing yoga. Tell me you enjoy running or hiking. But for the love of grammar, do not tell me that your hobbies include “fitness.” I will immediately stop talking to you.*

What are your pet-peeves? Does improper grammar get on your nerves, too? Let me know in the comments down below.

*Unless you’re really cute.


2 thoughts on “Fitness: Hobby or Lifestyle?

    1. Grammatically speaking technically its a hobby, but also its the equivalent of saying, “I enjoy getting to the gym” so I’m not sure it counts. What people like is actually being AT they gym to do things and not GETTING there. 🙂

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