Unfinished Business: “Rage Monster”

My rage was like a living creature, a dragon kept leashed with thick chains around its neck. It pulsed between heartbeats, simmering below the surface while my face bore a mask as immobile as stone.

With fire lurking behind my eyes, I lured my prey with an icy exterior. Falsities dripped from my lips, spilling compliments from my mouth as I smoothed the facade into place and went to work. Every touch broke leads, every kiss a secret. I was relentless, merciless in my pursuit of answers.

I followed the trail to its conclusion, winding a chilling path from head to toe until all that remained was a corpse for a rage-fueled pyre. The timber I made of his body crackled, the smell of his flesh and hair scorching my nostrils as it burned.

Still, for the first time in weeks, I smiled. He’d been so very kind.


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