Some Things Just Get Better With Age

No, I’m not talking about alcohol. I’m much too immature to know anything about aging liquor. But I’ve had a few experiences lately that have reminded me of being a kid, only I enjoyed them so much more as an adult. So I figured that at least one other person out there in the blogosphere probably agrees with me.

Fire Drills

My office has an annual evacuation drill and this year I was actually present for it. Secretaries wearing reflective apparel directed people to the nearest stairwells and emergency services parked outside to do a routine sweep through the building. It was like being in elementary school again, only this time I was on the clock. For thirty minutes, I stood outside talking with my coworkers about fantasy football and movies instead of sitting behind my desk in a cubicle. As much as I’m sure I loved getting out of class for twenty minutes in school, this was definitely one experience that aged well.

Snow Days

Unless you’re from somewhere down South, then you’ll remember how awesome it was to wake up and find a blanket of snow on the ground. You’ll especially remember it if you, like me, frequently had homework assignments that you didn’t finish. Snow days were the absolute wonder of growing up and every year we prayed for school to use up our allotted two of them or at least give us a delayed opening. Now that I’m an adult however, snow days mean that I get additional paid leave from work. Yeah, you heard me right. I get paid to stay home and make snowmen. It really doesn’t get better than that.


This one might be a little controversial, but I think the quality of gifts received improves over time. Or at least the thought behind them does. As a kid I received a lot of toys and games for my birthday and I loved them, but now that I’m older I’m more interested in spending time with people than unwrapping a physical present. I can buy myself all the books and DVDs that I want, but I can’t pay for the memories that I make with other people. When I turned twenty one my parents gave me a coupon book for various field trips we could take together. Some of them were as simple as going to see a movie, but others were more thoughtful like guitar lessons with my dad. It was sweet and those are experiences that I can keep with me way longer than I ever kept any of my Barbies.


I traveled a little when I was younger, but it was mostly to visit relatives. So even though we changed locations, my life was mostly the same. I still played games, watched movies, and started fights with my brother no matter where we were. It wasn’t until I was about fifteen that I really started to enjoy traveling for the first time. I went to Israel for a few weeks with other kids my age and on vacation with just my mom to the Caribbean. Then when I was sixteen I studied abroad for the first time at a boarding school in Jerusalem. At twenty, I moved again to Belgium and toured half of western Europe on my own or with friends. As a kid, I couldn’t appreciate the things that I was seeing, but as an adult I started to see and feel the differences between the places that I went to. Traveling, I think, was wasted on me as a kid. It’s an experience that changes as we age, allowing us to see and understand our surroundings differently when we’re older. There are so many places that I need to go back to now that I can appreciate them for what they are and yet also so many new places to explore. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to do both.

What other experiences improve with age? Let me know in the comments down below!


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