Let’s Talk: Oddities

I’m probably one of the few girls out there with this opinion, but I have to admit that I would never date a guy who wears cologne.

We all have our little OCD moments, the oddities that make us unique. For me, that thing smell. Specifically added scents like perfume, cologne, and scented candles. I don’t know why, but just a whiff of any one of those things is enough to make me physically ill.

I walk by a Yankee Candle shop holding my breath, change seats if I end up next to someone on the subway wearing perfume, and verbally remind all of my roommates before move in that candles are a deal breaker in common spaces.

In reality I think candles are beautiful and I admire the extra thought guys put into getting ready for the day when they wear cologne, but it’s an absolute no for me. I physically cannot handle the side effects.

Lest you think that my criticism only extends to others, however, I’ll also admit that I’m a little nutty about my own toiletry products. I limit the number of conflicting scents as much as humanly possible, trying to avoid smelling like a cloud of various flowers. This year, I finally got myself down to just two scents: shea butter for my body wash and moisturizer and pomegranate for deodorant. Everything else, like my shampoo and conditioner, is unscented. (Don’t let the strengths of the products fool you, though. I have seriously curly hair and however unscented they might be they do get the job done.)

I know all of this is weird. In fact, it’s really, really weird. But the last thing I want to do is get myself sick. So I limit my interaction with added scents as much as possible, wallowing in my weirdness and lamenting the fact that I can’t enjoy the smell of men’s cologne as much as I’d like to.

What’s your oddity? Let me know in the comments down below!


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