Snow Day Traditions

I finally had my first snow day, yesterday! It barely snowed enough to make a snowball, but I happen to absolutely love snow days no matter how little snow there actually is. Firstly because it’s a day off from regularly scheduled life. Secondly because it’s a paid day off from regularly scheduled life. And third, because I have awesome snow day traditions to uphold.

I don’t usually sleep in on snow days. Partially because I have to get up anyway to check for school/work closings, but mostly because I don’t want to waste my whole day in bed. I’ve been granted 10 extra hours of free time (including what would have been my lunch hour and commute), so I’m not going to spend them asleep.

Tradition #1: Pancakes

Breakfast foods are some of my favorites, but I very rarely actually eat them at breakfast time. I’m one of those people who prefers ten more minutes of sleep over an early morning meal, especially because my stomach is extra sensitive first thing in the morning. But I love making pancakes on snow days. A hot breakfast on a cold day? Count me in!

Tradition #2: Shoveling

Since I live in an apartment now, I probably won’t have to shovel anything this year. But starting from when I was a kid my parents always had my brother and I out helping to shovel the walkways. I have vivid memories of a runny nose, pool towels laid out over my parents’ hardwood floors for wet boots, and a slight back ache from lifting dense snow. It wasn’t exactly fun to dig out first thing in the morning, but it was part of the process nonetheless.

Tradition #3: Hot Chocolate

After shoveling, the only way to warm up again is with a steaming mug of hot chocolate. Sometimes I make it on the stove from scratch, but more often than not I defer to the Swiss Miss packets, particularly the ones with the little dehydrated marshmallows. I know it’s full of sugar, but it’s like childhood in a cup. So no judgment allowed while I drink my Tinkerbell mug full of liquid chocolate, ok?

Tradition #4: Reading

My absolute favorite thing to do is curl up with a book. Snow days were made to be spent luxuriating on the couch with warm drinks, snuggly blankets, and paperbacks. No matter how much TV I have stacked up to watch, snow days are for getting to that book you always wanted to read, but never had time to start. I’ve always managed to read at least a few hours during one of my snow days and I’m not about to break that tradition anytime soon!


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