10 Thoughts I’ve Had While on Tinder

  1. “I wish there was a beard or no beard option.”


  1. “If you’re going to put up an inappropriate picture for your Moment, then I require a form of standard measurement for comparison.”


  1. “Don’t they all know that they’re using the same Arrested Development quotes in their bio?”


  1. “Grown-ass men should not have bathroom mirror selfies. And to be fair, neither should women. Let’s all just resolve to utilize the other mirrors in our homes ok?”


  1. “I can’t like you if I can’t figure out which person you are in your pictures. Nice to know you have friends, though…”


  1. “That is a picture of your car. It’s a very nice car, but it’s not a picture of you.” *swipe* “And neither is this one of your dog.”


  1. “Can I like a person, but hate their name?”


  1. *After seeing yet another picture of a guy holding a big fish* “Sometimes I think men go fishing just because they think its manly. Really though, it’s just an excuse to drink beer and wait for shit to happen while spending the majority of the day sitting on your ass.”


  1. “If you’re only in town for the night, why bother with Tinder? Just go to a bar like everyone else!”


  1. “I reserve the right to screenshot any and all weirdness.”

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