Let’s Talk: Keeping Up With the Internet

At the end of last year my sorority gave out “Senior Superlatives.” Some of them were cute like, “Best Dressed” or “Most Likely to Become Such and Such” but mine was: “Most likely to have already seen/heard/or read about the thing you’re currently obsessing over.”

It was so true, I could swear my best friend wrote it. (She did.)

See, I’m really into keeping up with the Internet. I like knowing what’s going on and staying current on as much news and pop culture as possible. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lot of work to troll YouTube, the blogosphere, and general mass media every day. In fact, with a new full-time job and little to no free time, I’ve actually fallen behind. So recently I’ve adopted a few new strategies for keeping up and I thought that they might help you, too.

Firstly, “Like” things on Facebook. Start with the major news outlets like The New York Times, CNN, and The Wall Street Journal, then go for more pop culture news sources like BuzzFeed and Thought Catalog. Finally, round up the list with likes on the pages of all your favorite musical artists, television shows, and authors. By the time you’re done, the newsfeed you hate-check daily for friend gossip will be doing half the work for you, giving you quick headlines and article links throughout the day.

Second, subscribe to daily e-newsletters. They arrive in your inbox throughout the day, and give you an opportunity to click links to interesting headlines or read short blurbs with very little work on your part. Instead of combing through the abyss of Google for topical information, you can just breeze through the most recent news during your commute or coffee break. A few of my favorites are:

The Skimm

Start your weekday mornings with daily headlines. The Skimm does the heavy lifting and analyzing; all you have to do is read the short blurbs they write out for you.* The Skimm covers current events, briefing them into paragraphs that you can easily read on your morning commute.

The A.V. Club

Around mid-afternoon The A.V. Club emails a daily newsletter to each of their subscribers. Like a shorter version of TV guide, The A.V. Club tells you “What’s on Tonight” so you can set your DVR from the office without missing a thing. They also link back to article coverage from the previous week in case you didn’t get a chance to catch up on regularly covered shows and want to read their play by play reviews.

Hello Giggles

Early in the evening Hello Giggles sends out their daily wrap up newsletter. Each newsletter is themed and filled with the day’s cutest and most inspirational stories posted to the Hello Giggles blog by their staff and contributing readers. Want to know more about the first openly transgender woman to be elected mayor in India? How about Joan Didion as the face of Celine’s newest ad campaign? Hello Giggles is a website dedicated to positivity and women power, a great way for any woman (or man) to end the news day.

Lastly, if you’re not overloaded on information yet and are still looking for more content, then I suggest you check out one of my all-time favorite websites: Feedly.

Feedly is a free RSS subscription reader that allows you to browse content from multiple blogs and newsfeeds all in one place. I currently use it to keep track of over 160 blogs! Each time I open the application, Feedly shows me all the unread content since my previous log in, which makes following blogs that are infrequent posters an absolute breeze. I never miss an article, and their clean-cut viewing platform is extremely user friendly.

Hopefully you found these resources helpful. Got any new ideas for me? Let me know how you keep up in the comments down below!

*Beware inherent bias.


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