Sublunar: An Origin Story

A little while ago, I was asked about where the name for my blog came from. What made me choose this name out of all the possible names I could have given it? But even though I wanted to explain, I couldn’t tell him. Oddly enough, it felt too personal. My penname is something that I’ve never really talked about, but something that actually means a lot more to me than most people realize. To me it’s not just a pseudonym, but a part of my identity, too.

So I guess now is probably as good a time as any to talk about it.

When I was little I used to watch cartoons on Cartoon Network. Pokémon was big at the time and so was Dragon Ball Z, but my absolute favorite was Sailor Moon. Looking back, the dubbed version was pretty awful, but for some reason I loved it. I used to race home every day after school to catch it on TV if I could or, if I missed it, I would wake up early the next morning to watch it on the tiny nine-inch TV my brother used to play Nintendo 64. Needless to say, moons were a pretty big deal on that show. The main character, Serena (or Usagi in the original Japanese) was the princess of the Moon Kingdom and she had a familiar named Luna. The whole show was built around this idea of the moon as a symbol of power in the universe and it always struck me as really cool, even if the show itself was kind of silly.

Then when I was about fifteen, I needed a penname for opening my first online account. I’d never really had one before – except for a brief one on YouTube which got shut down due to copyright issues – because my parents weren’t keen on Instant Messaging and MySpace was more of a joke than a tool to actually use. Around the same time, I’d started listening to this band called Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and I’d heard how they picked their band name by writing random words on a wall and throwing darts at them. I wasn’t quite up to that task, but it fascinated me so I figured I could do something similar when it came to picking out my online name. So I started thinking of other random power words that could go with my moon related obsession. And thus did the name “Lunar Fire” come to be.

I published under that penname on for about three years. And though I’ve since deleted all of the stories, I do still have them. They were my first attempts at becoming a writer and without that work and the connections that I made as an active member of an online Harry Potter forum, I wouldn’t be nearly as good as I am now. When I was in that world my penname was my identity. I could speak and I was heard. For years, I felt more like “Lunar” than anyone else, even though everything I did only existed online.

It’s worth noting that I’ve since posted videos to YouTube, some fun Internet things to Tumblr, and some sketches to DeviantArt all under the same general moniker. It’s my default for posting work anonymously and since I like to keep my real life separate from my online one, that’s generally the only name I publish with. So when it came to choosing a name for my anonymous blog, I knew that Lunar was going to be a part of it. There was no question.

The word “sublunar” means “between the Earth and the Moon.” By interpreting this as it referred to my penname, my reflections exist between “Lunar” (aka me) and the rest of the world. Thus, you have my blog: Sublunar Reflections.

And so you see, the blog name is far more personal than just a name and far more difficult to explain with any sense of meaning out of context. To explain what it means to someone I just met would sound mad and like I take myself way too seriously. Except that I do take myself and my identity seriously. It means a lot to me to know who I am and where I come from because everything in my past has led me to where I am today.

So what’s your Origin Story, Dear Reader? Let me know in the comments down below!


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