21 Little Things That I Secretly Love

  1. Getting packages in the mail. Even if I ordered them for myself, it still feels like I’m getting a present.


  1. Payday after a long week. Especially when I know that I’ve more than earned it.


  1. Singing in the shower when no one is home. I’m loud and I’m probably off-key, but no one is around to hear me and I like the echo.


  1. Music Karma. When the song on the radio sounds exactly how I feel.


  1. Sliding down freshly waxed hallways in just my socks. Risky Business style. Duh.


  1. Books. Especially the ones that keep me up until all hours of the night.


  1. When I actually look like myself in a picture. Bonus points if it’s on a driver’s license, school ID card, etc.


  1. Laughing. At slightly inappropriate times.


  1. Remembering the thing I forgot about. Even if it’s too late to do anything about it.


  1. Recognizing an actor’s voice out of context. Bonus points if it’s from something animated.


  1. Snow Days. They only get better after you finish school. Trust me.


  1. Jumping on sheets of bubble wrap. In rooms that echo.


  1. Impromptu dance parties. In the living room, kitchen, bedroom…I don’t care where so long as they happen frequently.


  1. Having a “bad” song stuck in my head. I’m so ashamed that I like it, but not ashamed enough to stop playing it.


  1. Pull and Peel Twizzlers. Braided into bracelets before being eaten.


  1. Scalding hot showers. I want to be the color of a tomato when I come out of the bathroom.


  1. Perfectly worn in jeans. They’re soft on the inside, but clean-cut on the outside.


  1. Catching the mistake. Before someone else does.


  1. Pajamas. They were made to be worn all day. Why would I ever want to take them off?


  1. Marking the maps. Where have I been and where do I want to go?


  1. Being remembered. Especially by someone unexpected and for no particular reason at all.


What’s something little that you love? Let me know in the comments down below!


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