Review: Samsung Galaxy Tab S

I’ve had the same computer for more than five years, now. I bought it back in October of 2009 and have since made quite good use of it. By treating it well, my MacBook (nicknamed Wallace) has survived four years of college, an intensive summer course, and countless Netflix binges. But despite his many quality attributes, Wallace is old for a computer. He’s slow, gets overheated quickly, and generally needs more attention than I can give him.

So this Black Friday I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab S and I have to say, my as yet unnamed tablet and I are getting along quite famously. She’s fast, her battery lasts for hours, and since she weighs a lot less than Wallace does I don’t mind carrying her around.

I have to admit though, I didn’t think that I would give in to the tablet craze. I always said, “When the tablets are as thin as paper and do all the things that my phone, ipod, and computer do, then I’ll get one.” Well, the Galaxy isn’t quite as thin as paper (though it does weigh less than ¾ of a pound) and still doesn’t make phone calls (unless you count Skype), but now was as good a time as any to make the switch – especially since I’m out of school and don’t need a whole computer anymore.

I don’t write twenty page papers anymore and I don’t need to have fifteen applications open for research. I just need a couple of Google Docs for my articles, a link to my blog, Spotify, and Netflix. My life these days is really that simple when it comes to technology. Sure, every now and again I work on some online video stuff, but Wallace isn’t dead. And if I’m doing most of my other work on the Tablet then he’ll survive a little longer to be there for me when I do actually need a full computer.

I’m not great at giving technology comparisons, so I can’t tell you in any great detail how the Galaxy stacks up against its competition, but since I already have an android based smart phone, keeping the same operating system meant that I could sync both of my devices together. I like Apple products, I think they’re very user friendly, but for me the Galaxy has been just as easy. Not to mention the picture quality practically sparkles in comparison to what I had on my 2009 MacBook and the battery life is excellent.

My review of this product might be simple minded as far as the tech world is concerned, but if you’re looking for a practical understanding from someone who isn’t using it for anything abnormal, then I’m your girl. I give it a solid thumbs up.


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