Ryan Reynolds Confirmed to Reappear in Deadpool Movie

There have been rumors and talks about FOX producing a Deadpool movie ever since Ryan Reynolds first appeared as the “Merc with a Mouth” in X-Men Origins: Wolverine back in 2009. Yesterday, the project was finally given a green light and Reynolds was confirmed for a reappearance.

Deadpool’s primary power is an accelerated healing ability that he was artificially endowed with through the Weapon X program. If the storyline from Origins is to be carried over, this gift will have been provided to Deadpool by Colonel William Stryker, the same man who later experiments on Wolverine and gives him his signature adamantium skeleton. Deadpool is known for being highly skilled in several methods of martial arts, but in the 2009 film he is also gifted with superhuman speed, the optic blasts of a young Scott Summers, as well as teleportation. Stryker is the first to refer to him as “Deadpool” because of the way that the other mutants’ powers have been “pooled” together into one very deadly being.

At the end of the movie, Wolverine and his brother Victor join forces to defeat Deadpool by decapitating him and pushing his body into a cooling tower of a nuclear power plant. But Deadpool’s rapid healing abilities have made it possible for him to return from injuries like this in the comics, so it’s not impossible for him to reappear in the X-Men timeline. He’d also be very unlikely to age, just like Wolverine, meaning it’s possible that we may see more of Reynolds in the X-Men universe than just this one film – if it goes well. If box office sales support the character, and the storyline fits him well into the rest of the franchise, then Deadpool could become an interesting addition to the series’ main cast.

That said, I have concerns about Reynolds’ ability to pull off this roll. In Origins he played a wisecracking character who provided more of a supporting role than a starring one. Our expectations for him were not nearly as high as they were for Wolverine, Stryker, and Victor. But now that he’s got his own film, there’s a lot riding on Reynolds’ performance as a super-character (I don’t know whether to say “hero” or “villain” in Deadpool’s case – which role he takes will depend on the storyline of the film). Reynolds’ only other experience as a superhero thus far has been in the not too well received 2011 Green Lantern film with DC Comics. He wasn’t a bad Green Lantern, but the script did nothing to support his rather uninspired performance of a beloved comic book character. To my knowledge, the potential for that franchise died after the first film.

So what do you think of FOX’s Deadpool announcement? Are you excited to see Reynolds in this roll or concerned that it may not reach its full potential? Let me know in the comments down below!


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