The Mortal Instruments TV Show

It’s been about two years since I read Cassandra Clare’s City of Bones and at least six months since I rented the movie from Redbox. I remember liking both of them well enough, but not feeling particularly fan-obsessive about either. But when news was released on October 14th, 2014 that the series would continue on the plasma screen instead of the silver, my interest was admittedly piqued.

City of Bones is probably the worst of the six books in the series so it’s no surprise that the movie adaptation couldn’t draw enough of a crowd at the box office. It reads a little like fanfiction sometimes and wanders a bit in style. But it was her first published work and Cassandra Clare’s dedicated readers have since forgiven her for it, particularly since the success of her Infernal Devices prequel slash spinoff series.

Underneath the cheesy dialog though, there’s a lot of fascinating details happening outside of the main plot, details which kept me reading all the way through City of Lost Souls. I was fascinated by the idea of a metaphorical shadow world hidden in plain sight. I wanted to know who the Shadowhunters are and where they came from. Forgetting Clary for a while, the sort of helpless and least bad-ass of all the currently trending YA heroines, The Mortal Instruments still has an entire underworld of magical history to draw your curiosity through to the next several books.

Does the teenage melodrama get a bit ridiculous at times? Yes. Will I continue reading anyway just to see how the series wraps up in City of Heavenly Fire? Absolutely. I’m curious to a fault and I figure that since I already read the first five books I may as well complete the set.

However, I absolutely love the idea of this story broken down into episodes. In my mind it plays out a little bit like the CW’s Vampire Diaries, with the same creepy styles and seedy underworld of magic that reveals itself over time, sending the cast on quest after quest filled with dangerous obstacles. And I like the idea of adding more details from the book to give the world more depth, details that were glossed over in the movie adaptation due to time restrictions. A TV show format for this series would require fewer cuts from the original storyline, too, something that may help the franchise as it moves forward.

Needless to say I will definitely be keeping an eye out for a release date. The only question remaining is, will Lily Collins and the rest of the cast reprise their roles on the small screen?


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