Bad Luck: A Story of My Morning

Bad luck is one of those things I think about around Halloween. There are plenty of people who would swear that black cats crossing their paths, knocked over salt shakers, and/or witches’ curses are responsible for their fates. I’m not one of those people, but I do believe that people have off days. Today is one of those days for me and it’s not even 11:00am yet.

I take the subway to work every day. So to make my commute easier I’ve invested in a transit pass, a solid card that scans twice as fast as a paper fare card. Its efficient, easy, and the card doesn’t rip. I’ve had the same card for a few years now and I’m pretty careful about putting it back where it belongs so that I don’t lose it.

Yesterday after I got home I took my card to be refilled at one of the station fare machines. I checked my balance, realized that I didn’t need any more money on it, put it back in my purse, and went home. Fast forward to this morning, and the card is gone. I figured that I must have just misplaced it, so I spent about twenty minutes searching around my apartment for it before giving up. Ok, I said to myself. It’s possible that I did actually lose it. I’ve had the card for five years; it was bound to happen eventually.

So I go to my subway station, purchase a new transit pass, put some money on it, swipe into the subway, put the card in my purse and then get on my train like I do every morning. I sit by myself in a surprisingly empty car for this time of day, put my purse on my lap, and wait patiently for the next few stops to go by. Then I get off at my stop, go up the escalator, reach for my card to tap out, and it’s not there. I figure maybe I put it in the wrong pocket. So I pull to the side and start searching through my bag.

At this point, alarm bells are going off in my head. Two card in twelve hours? Lost in the exact same way? I start wondering if there’s a hole in my bag or a rip in the lining. After a thorough search, I explain my situation to the station attendant and ask him to let me out of the subway so that I’m not late to work. I get here to my office, dump out my purse on my desk, comb through everything, and it’s still not there. I check the lining and its secure. I check the purse for holes, but there aren’t any. I spend another twenty minutes examining every possible place it could have been…and then I’m forced to give up.

When stuff like this happens, sometimes you just have to admit defeat and acknowledge that there wasn’t anything you could have done differently. My transit passes are gone and I just have to accept that. It’s my off day. And at least I didn’t lose something like my wallet or my phone, right? I still have all my keys and ID cards, too.

It’s unfortunate that my unlucky day fell out on Halloween since it’s one of my favorite holidays, but that’s just the way it is. My hope is that bad luck now means good luck later this week. Or, at the very least, better luck.

Had any bad luck recently? Tell me all about it in the comments down below!


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